Kid’s   KAMP

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Accomplishing the

Masters Plan

KAMP ages  7-11          Pre- KAMPERS ages 4-6             Lil’- Kampers 0-3

Each week the children experience the stories and principles of God’s Word in a very unique way.  There will be weeks of learning about the life of Moses in an exciting Indiana Jones type adventure. Kids will also participate in a weekly game show as they learn the power of their words.  We will also take a look at  1Corinthians 13, through the eyes of your favorite pet Rover or Spot!  (Just to name a few).  The first Sunday of every month the kids ages 4-11 join us in the sanctuary for communion together as a family.  After communion they go to their classes.

Each and every week we have a time of Praise & worship, memory verse, kamp dollars, prizes, games, crafts, puppet & drama skits, interactive Bible stories and loads of Fun!!!

Come and join the adventure with Oasis KAMP ministries!